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Basic order features of the trading platform, along with guidance on installation of indicators and Expert Advisors.


How can I apply for a demo trading account?

Please visit our Create Account section.


How long will the demo trading account remain active?

Demo accounts are valid for 60 days. Clients with a live trading account can request to have an ongoing demo for the duration of the live account.


How do I logon to the MT4 software?

On the MT4, you can go to File > Login to access the login window screen. Here you can type in the username and password that was emailed to you when you completed the demo request form from our website.


Is the demo prices the same as the live prices?

Yes, ATC is feeding the data for the demo straight from the live market pricing. However, please be advised that the orders placed on the demo account are executed within our demo server environment. The orders placed on a live account are executed within our live server environment and trades are routed to the liquidity providers. Depending on market volatility and liquidity, execution price on the live may vary from the demo environment.


I have the MT4 terminal on my computer, can I login with my live account credentials?

Yes, if you have previously used the MT4 during your demo trial, you can simply go to “File” and select “Login to Trade Account”. Once the login window appears, you will need to input your live account credentials and select the live server and click on Login.


What prices are plotted on the MT4 charts?

The bars on the charts are only made up of the Bid Prices (sell prices).


What time zone are the charts plotting?

The charts are set to GMT+2. (5:00 PM EST is 00:00 on the charts).


Can I add an expert advisor or an indicator on the MT4?

Yes, you can add EA’s and indicators on the MT4. Testing of an EA or Indicator can be done using a demo account.


How do I install an expert advisor or an indicator on the MT4?

Place the EA or indicator files inside of the MQL4 folder. Open the data folder within the platform by going to File > Open Data Folder. You will then find an Experts and Indicators folder inside of the MQL4 folder.


Why are the charts not populating on the MT4 window?

If you cannot view the charts, first make sure you are connected to the MT4. If you are connected, you can first try to update the charts by right clicking in the chart window and selecting “Refresh”. You can also drag the desired currency pair on the chart window to load the data.


What does “Invalid Account” mean on the MT4?

This means that the username or password was entered incorrectly, or the incorrect server was selected for the account.


What does “No connection” mean on the MT4?

This can mean the account was logged out and will need to be logged back in or that something is blocking the connection to the server, such as a firewall or antivirus.


What does “No Money” mean on the MT4?

This means that there isn’t sufficient funds in the trading account to place the lot size specified as the margin required exceeds the contract size placed.


What does “SO” mean in the comment field of the MT4 on the MT4?

This means Stop Out, this will occur when the margin level reaches 100% and the open position(s) get liquidated.

There is a high level of risk in Margined Transaction products, as Contract for Difference (CFDs) are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to the leverage. Trading CFDs may not be suitable for all traders as it could result in the loss of the total deposit or incur a negative balance; only use risk capital.

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