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A solution for every need.

Grow your brokerage with our enterprise level solutions.

Utilise our turn-key infrastructure to enhance or establish your brokerage firm.


Determining what technology to utilise for your operation is a key factor on the success of your business. As technology is constantly evolving, we adapt to the changes and needs of our customers to provide an efficient solution. Whether you plan on establishing a new brokerage firm or would like to enhance your current brokerage operation, we can provide you with a complete back office infrastructure that would optimise your offerings to your customers.

The back office provides access to account information which allows you to view client contacts, compensation generated, leverage, platform settings and additional details regarding each account.

Offerings at a glance.

Create administrative and employee back office permissions.
Set restriction, margin, and liquidation parameters on an account level.
Connect any front end platform to the ECN engine.
Automatic compensation collection for all account types.
Access our ECN aggregation engine with competitive pricing.
Provide FIX or Java API access to customers.
Built-in support ticketing system.
Access PAMM and PAMM Plus technology.
Obtain the MT4 bridge with custom plug-in features.

Request a presentation and see how our technology compares to our competitors.

Partnership Request

Operate a better referral business.

Expand your clientele base by utilising the latest technology and trading resources that is offered in the forex industry. Our introducing broker program is structured for institutions, educators, trading schools and system providers that are in the trading field.


We understand that selecting the right partner for conducting your operation is a crucial aspect of the success of your business. Over the years we have established long term relationships with our introducing brokers and have successfully evolved our technology to the changing needs of our industry. We continue to strive to expand our services and offerings in order to provide our introducing brokers with more choices and added value to pass to their clients.

Offerings at a glance.

Receive a custom application link for your referrals.
Obtain e-mail notification on incoming applications.
Merchant access to view a variety of reports to manage your business.
Select from five different types of custom fee structures.
Ability to collect fees of up to 7 layers of sub introducing brokers.
Access PAMM Plus and PAMM software for managed accounts.

Partnership Request

Rethink your money management options.

Our firm specialises in providing custom trading solutions to money managers in order to enhance their trading experience. Managers have access to different tools to facilitate the trading for multiple accounts and strategies.


Review the information below to compare the PAMM and PAMM Plus features and obtain the software that suites your trading needs to manage multiple accounts.


Manage multiple accounts that have one currency denominator through the creation of a PAMM account. This software provides the money manager access to trade from one master account for all participants within the PAMM. Additional PAMM accounts can be obtained for different strategies and currency denominators.


Manage multiple accounts that have different currency denominators through the PAMM Plus. This software provides the account holder the ability to set participation levels, stop equity loss limits and allows to unsubscribe and subscribe instantly during market hours.

Software Comparison

DescriptionPAMMPAMM Plus
Ability to set a pre-determined stop equity loss on each account to limit the level of risk.¹
One single order to the Liquidity Providers for execution, which eliminates latency and allows for even distribution of the lot size across all accounts.
Client has access to the back office reporting, there is no requirement to download the MT4 software.
Customise the ratio of the order size that is placed by the money manager.²
Ability to subscribe and unsubscribe during market hours.³
Performance fee is automatically collected when an account is de-mapped.
Ability to manage accounts via FIX or MT4.
Customise the compensation settings across five types of fee structures.
Ability to manage accounts with different currency denominators with one master account.
The software is built inside the ECN engine.
Performance fee is calculated on the account high water mark.
Performance fee is automatically collected and compensated to the manager if an account decides to close at any period during the month.

¹ As every individual has their own risk tolerance, this software provides the ability for an account to have an equity stop loss level in place. This feature can be utilised to protect the account during normal market conditions from losing excess amounts of capital than is anticipated by the account holder. The stop equity level can be activated from the account back office and the value can be modified as the account holder desires.

Please note that although the stop equity feature has its benefits, it does not guarantee it will prevent your account from incurring losses past your stop equity level or protect the account from incurring a negative balance during volatile market conditions or a market gap.

² The position multiplier feature allows for an account to customise the ratio of the order size that is placed by the money manager. This allows for each individual to set their preferences on how conservative or aggressive the account will be managed. The multiplier amount can be modified as needed by the account holder.

³ The PAMM Plus software allows an individual to subscribe or unsubscribe to a money manager in real time. The individual can access their back office to monitor the trading activity, pull report summaries, request to deposit or withdraw funds, submit a ticket inquiry and much more. As an individual subscribes to a money manager, the account will receive the trades once the money manager submits an order to enter into a new position. If the money manager is currently in a position prior to subscribing, the account will receive the trade once the money manager has closed its current position and places a new order. An individual can unsubscribe during market hours, once this request is made from the client's back office, any open position(s) will automatically be liquidated at the market price and the account will be removed from the money manager's service.

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